Sunday, August 25, 2013

Estonian weddings in the beginning of 21. century

In the last decade several Estonian governments have been dealing with te problem of low birhtrate among young couples. The registration of marriages among young people has declined year by year. There are less and less church weddings, marriage registrations and populous wedding parties. Over the years weddings have been one of the biggest family events.
In the 21. century the different customs of getting married are developing. Many old traditions are used at weddings and constantly new customs are formed. They are changed by the wishes of the young and with propositions of the experienced hosts of the weddings.
The problem of the low amount weddings made it necessary to research how young people find each other. Not to research the acquaintances but the relationships, wich give faith and confidence to live together for the rest of their lives and give the courage to get married.
What is the first step, made by one or another certain young person of getting into a relationship? „How did it all begin?– the bride kept silent and the groom denyed“, can be heard at many wedding speaches.
Marriage is one of the three important events in peoples lives. When getting married, it may be said, that the people are affraid of going from „one situation to another“.
Symbolicly the time before and after the wedding can be devided in three stages with the wedding party, witch are bounded with each other, but the caracters of the eventures are different groups of newly-weds relatives and acquaintances. These are: 
  • bachelorettes/bachelors party,
  • wedding day,
  • honeymoon.

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